Kirree Anne, Equine Sports Therapy Isle of Man

Kirree-Ann Kelly

Kirree-Ann is an experienced backstepper and competition groom in carriage driving having extensive international experience competing across Europe and was part of the British team at the World Single Horse Championships in Izack, Hungary in 2014.

Kirree-Ann is a full member of the Equine Sports Massage Association. Whilst obtaining her undergraduate degree in Human and Equine Sports Science (BSc Hons) and a Masters in Sports Business Management with Merit (from the University of the West of England), Kirree-Ann studied for her ITEC Level 4 Sports Massage qualification. Her undergradauate degree focused on human and equine anatomy, nutrition, physiology and therapy and as a result became the underpinning foundation of Kirree-Ann’s being a soft tissue therapist. In 2015-2016 Kirree-Ann studied and completed a Certificate of Training in Equine Sports Massage under the tutelage of Helen Tompkins (dual qualified veterinary physiotherapist and McTimoney Animal Practioner, who studied under and taught alongside the illustrious Mary Bromiley).

Kirree-Ann is a former head groom for a showjumping and hunter barn in Ontario, Canada as well as having experience within eventing, hunting and racing spheres.


At some point in life, most people will encounter soft tissue problems, whether it be job related or from physical activity. Sports massage therapy can help not only those that play sport but also normal everyday people that are suffering from lifestyle and work related injuries and problems.
Equine sports massage can benefit any horse, from top level competition horses to youngsters and retired horses. Like humans, horses will most likely encounter soft tissue problems as some point in their life.

Equine Sports Massage Association

 Registered ESMA Therapist